Editing requires time!
Some projects will take several years to be realized. Because of a lack of partnership or sufficient funding. But other projects, unexpected, certainly will appear, jostling priorities.
Any help, cooperation or support will contribute to their achievement. 

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Colophon Records label, after a long period of absence from record stores, a period punctuated by "bad luck" (the successive bankruptcies of our distributors AMG, CODAEX, Mondomix, but also Care4data, Sonovit, 3.14 and more .. .), will be distributed again in the Benelux this spring 2020 by Xango Music (Netherlands).
Physical distribution of CDs has so far been ensured only in France by DOM Disque since the label was created. Only one point of sale had recently been activated (end of 2019): the shop of the Africa Museum in Tervuren near Brussels which exclusively offers African titles from the collection.

 fars W 3 One of our publishing projects, blocked for several years because the difficulties of maintaining contact with our Iranian partners, will finally see the light in 2020. If the madness of men, however, does not compromise this beautiful project ...
Despite the deterioration of relations between Iran and the West, following the unilateral and brutal change in the policy of the United States against this country, Colophon Records and its Iranian partner Pardis Records will produce, as a sign of resistance to the isolation and the logic of war, a first disc of traditional Iranian music.

The Cuban project "Raices de la música Cubana" is incomplete. Only four CDs to date have been published. According to the musicologists of our partner Colibri, it would take at least three additional CD to cover the main musical features of the island.
The production costs of this project are high and require financing that sales to date do not cover.

Several recordings of the 80s, made in North India, in Rajasthan, testifying to the evolution of the repertoires, are still in preparation for publication ... Among the difficulties, let us quote the verification of the sources for the booklet, repair of the original tapes, translations of local dialects ...
Editing is a matter of patience !
Several rare recordings made in the African rainforest, in the 80s, are actually  published:  Sikiliza, Mafili and recently a novelty, Obe. 
Other CDs of Congolese music are planned. 
Gry docu 2 musiciens The recent opening of the Collection to traditional music in Europe - Greece CD, Klamma - opens numerous publishing perspectives. However, the abundance of existing publications forces us to define a very selective editorial policy.
One project on traditonal music from Wallonia - Belgium was pubished on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the label: Djouwé!
Any proposed collaboration, partnership or publishing is welcome and will be monitored.
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